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For over 70 years, TRIM® has been among the leading brands of top-quality beauty tools worldwide. TRIM provides everyday solutions; quality and value products that help build confidence and empower transformation.


Deluxe Eyelash Curler

TRIM Deluxe Eyelash Curler effortlessly curls lashes with its spring-loaded design. Includes 2 refills.

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Eyebrow Shapers

TRIM Mermaid Collection Eyebrow Groomers trim unwanted hair with ease while the brow brush and lash comb keep eyes looking their best.

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Contour Lash Comb

TRIM Contour Lash Comb precisely defines and separates lashes creating a defined lash look.

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Slant Tweezers with Skincare Tool End

TRIM Tweezers and Skincare Tool features a slant tip tweezer and a flat loop end to gently remove blackheads & whiteheads.

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Blemish Remover Tool

TRIM Blemish Remover Tool delivers precision for easy blackhead, whitehead and acne removal.

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Microderma Roller

TRIM Microderma Roller with 540 0.25mm stainless steel micro-needles, gently stimulates skin revealing softer, smoother skin.

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Nail Clippers

TRIM Nail Clipper set includes stainless steel fingernail and clippers for a smooth cut every time.

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Deluxe Fingernail Clipper

TRIM Deluxe Fingernail Clipper clips nails evenly and cleanly. Includes a file for removing sharp edges.

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Mermaid Laser Cut Nail File

TRIM Mermaid Collection Diamond Nail File with laser-etched surface easily and efficiently smooths away jagged edges.

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2-in-1 Sole Refiner Foot File

TRIM 2-in-1 Sole Refiner Foot File with two surfaces is the easiest way to exfoliate dry feet.

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4-in-1 Foot Paddle

TRIM 4-in-1 Foot Paddle scrubs, cleanses and removes rough, dead skin to soften and smooth feet.

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Callus Shaver

TRIM Callus Shaver with textured grips shaves away corns and calluses revealing softer, smoother feet.

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All Purpose Nail Kit

TRIM All Purpose Nail Kit contains professional quality manicure and pedicure tools to keep your nails looking great.

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For Your Feet Pedicure Kit

TRIM For Your Feet Kit contains 6 foot care essentials so you have everything you need to keep your feet looking healthy.

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Tip-to-Toe Mani Pedi Kit

TRIM Tip to Toe Kit has 8 nail care essentials that are perfect for taking care of hands and feet.

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Travel Grooming Kit

TRIM Men’s Travel Grooming Kit contains everything needed to stay groomed on the go.

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Dual Edge Clipper with Grips

TRIM Men’s Double edge Clipper with Silicone Grips has straight and concave cutting edges for precision cutting of fingernails and toenails.

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Touch Up Razors

TRIM Men’s Touch-Up Razors shape and remove unwanted brow hair and can edge facial hair lines.

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The TRIM brand was founded in 1947 in Shelton, Connecticut by the W.E. Bassett Company. W.E. Bassett developed the ‘TRIM’-brand nail clipper, the first made using modern manufacturing methods. The W.E Bassett Co. was acquired by Pacific World Corporation in 2012.

Our mission is to deliver affordable, quality implements and beauty tools, which have an eye towards the latest professional, beauty and fashion trends while still being functional and affordable.

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